Our services include impact evaluation, process evaluation, market research, data collection, electronic survey programming,
data entry and management, data quality assurance, data analysis and reporting.


Electronic Questionnaire Development and Training Services

In developing countries such as Ethiopia, a wealth of data is collected through face to face interviews using paper. Much of the data collected is prone to errors arising from ambiguity, misinterpretation, recording of impossible/implausible responses, incorrect routing through the questionnaire, missing out required questions or sections… the list goes on. As much of this data is used to gain an accurate idea of the severity of the food security situation in the country and to inform policy decisions we believe it is imperative that the tools deployed to collect the data should reduce the propensity for error as much as possible.

Zerihun Associate wants to make sure that the data we collect is the most accurate possible and uses electronic survey tools for all its projects. We use electronic survey software that can tackle the most prolific problem areas in the collection of accurate market and household data.

The list of survey software we use includes
• Surveybe (www.surveybe.com),
• CSpro of the US Census Bureau (http://www.census.gov/population/international/software/cspro/),
• ODK of the University of Washington (https://opendatakit.org/), and
• Survey Solutions of the World Bank (https://solutions.worldbank.org/account/login?ReturnUrl=%2f).

These are powerful survey software developed to support the design and implementation of both simple linear surveys and large scale complex surveys containing multiple linked instruments and using previous data from longitudinal or panel surveys. Our survey tools specialize in providing multi-roster functionality, the ability for users to define logical skip and routing patterns, validation rules and numerous question/response options.

Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge working on large scale mobile phone assisted personal interviewing electronic surveys, we provide five-day electronic questionnaire designer training.

Our five-day questionnaire design course provides traineeswith all the knowledge and practice theyneed to start designing theirown surveys. It is aimed at survey managers, data managers and questionnaire designers who want to create their questionnaires in electronic format using any of the electronic softwareindicatedabove – surveybe, CSpro, ODK, and Survey Solutions. Each Questionnaire Design Course also includes an optional second week, to offer a more advanced level course that unleashes the full power of electronic survey software. We also use the second week as a tutorial session so traineescan begin building their own questionnaire whilst our experts are present to provide support and answer any immediate questions traineesmay have.

Other Training Offerings include:
Evaluating Development Programmes

A five-day workshop, for research professionals with a background in statistics, economics and econometrics that provides a detailed introduction to the use of randomized field experiments in development economics.

M&E Management Course

A four-day workshop, for M&E managers and implementation staff, that covers topics such as managing data collection and analysis, including advanced monitoring tools and evaluation methods

Measurement Course

A three-day course, for M&E and research professionals, on measurement and survey design that imparts essential skills on quality data collection

Our scheduled course dates have been changed for custom-made bookings with smaller group sizes. For further information or for booking a training session, please email: trainings@zerihunassociates.com